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Architecture, is a dynamic process which,

if driven by innovation, will be able to make an active contribution to a sustainable future.

Together with our network of partners, we develop holistic projects that focus on nature, people and their environment.


Architecture should have a positive impact on our society, culture and environment


With our approach, which is based on a conscious selection of materials and innovative design concepts, we create ecological and healthy living environments.

Change can only be achieved together.

Together, creative ideas for a better future can be developed and put into practice.

beCollabstands for team play, so join us as we challenge you to

Rethink | Design | Together

Let's start your new project together


We are looking forward to a sustainable collaboration


Ween ass 

Hi, I am Laurent the Founder & CEO of  Studio Becollab.

As architect I support you throughout the realisation of your project


Whether it's an ecological new build or a conversion, I will work with you to develop individual concepts through personalised and competent advice.


Laurent Thill


Founder & CEO

+352 661 399 025 |

2021 -            Founding of Studio beCollab | Lëtzebuerg

2020 - 2021  HDR Germany | Berlin

2017 - 2020  Graft Architectes | Berlin

2008 - 2016  Architectural studies | Innsbruck

                       collaboration in various architecture offices in Luxembourg & Austria

we love !

Ecological Building

Building new? Yes, but ecologically.

The aim of ecological building is to promote sustainable development and have a positive impact onthe environment.

With the choice of environmentally friendly building materials, an energy-efficient design and the integration of renewable energies, the ecological footprint of buildings can be reduced and the quality of life increased


Healthy Living


Healthy living is a holistic concept that aims to realise buildings that promote the health and well-being of their users.


This includes various aspects, from the choice of materials tospacial design.

Healthy and ecological materials that contribute to a better, pollutant-free indoor climate are crucial for healthy living concepts


Remodelling instead of demolition!

Before considering demolishing a building, the potential of the existing building should first be analysed

Whether through conversion, extension or addition, each transformation allows you to adapt your building to your needs

With a holistic modernisation, you can give your home a new life

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